Project Created Status Description
pixelart generator Pixel Character Generator Node.js 2017/07/30 Active

Each reload generate a new unique character procedurally

ssh Scheduler SSH Scheduler C# - Visual Studio - Windows 2017/05/17 Active

This program let you schedule some commands with SSH

charMaker CharMaker C# - Unity3D - Web 2017/05/06 Active

This web App let you paint a character with Pixel Art Tron.Fun Node.js - - JavaScript 2017/04/20 Active

This Game is a Tron like available in a browser

Trouver Ma Mairie Trouver Ma Mairie Cordova & Web App 2017/02/01 Active

[FR] Trouvez la mairie de la ville dans laquelle vous vous situez

Global Game Jam 2017 LightWeaver LightWeaver C# - Unity3D - Windows 2017/01/20 Made in 46h

Use Wavelengths and Solve Jumping Puzzles. Made for a Game Jam.

Block Touch Block Touch Android Unity App 2016/12/21 Active

A brain-teaser like a Rubik's Cube 2.0

LiveBoxTV PC Remote Java app 2016/11/13 Active

A Remote Control for the 'Orange' TV Decoder

caloprix CaloPrix Android Cordova App 2016/08/10 Closed

Which Product is the most caloric ?

tuto informatique Tuto.goto4ever WebSite 2016/08/05 Active

[FR] Aide-Mémoire, Tutos Informatiques, etc…

cac44 CAC44 WebSite 2016/06/04 Closed

Online Stock Simulation